SWF to JPG Guide - How to Convert SWF to JPG, JPEG Images

"Hi! I need to do one gif animation through Adobe ImageReady. I planned to get some screenshots from a SWF video. So please tell me a SWF to JPG image series converter."
"I want to insert SWF file in HTML page, but if client don't have Flash Player 10 installed I want to switch SWF to JPG. How do I do it?"

Are you also finding solutions to convert SWF to JPG or SWF to JPEG? To fulfill this, we need a professional SWF to JPG converter. In this article, we share the SWF to JPG (JPEG) conversion experience for you.

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Convert SWF to JPG (JPEG) with Higosoft SWF Converter

Higosoft SWF Converter works smoothly for converting SWF movie to JPG (JPEG). The SWF file will be exported as a series of JPG (JPEG) images continuously. Besides converting SWF to JPG, this program also supports converting SWF to BMP, PNG, GIF, and a wide range of video formats, like MOV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, etc.

Okay, now let's check how to use this SWF to JPG converter step by step.

Step1: Free download a trial version of this program on your computer. Double click the installation package to install and run it.

Step2: Add the SWF file that you want to convert to JPG (JPEG) into this program by clicking Select File. Or choose to convert an online SWF movie by clicking Grab SWF. Once you input a URL, this program will automatically detect the SWF file on the webpage.
import SWF file – Convert SWF to JPG

Step3: Set the output profile as JPG follow these steps: Profile -> Picture -> Customize the Output format setting -> Image Type -> jpg. Meanwhile, you can adjust the output image's Frame Rate and Picture Size.

Step4: Click Next button then Start button to begin the conversion of SWF to JPG (JPEG).

For a moment, your SWF file will be converted to JPG (JPEG) automatically. You can see the output images in the output folder. Have interest in it? Download and have a try at this SWF to JPG (JPEG) converter now.

PS: If you want to convert SWF to JPG (JPEG) on Mac OS, please try Higosoft SWF Converter for Mac.