Mac SWF to FLV – How to Convert SWF to FLV on Mac OS

Small Web Format (SWF) is the dominant format for displaying "animated" vector graphics on the Web. It meant to be run directly in a Web browser that displays animations and video clips. Currently, SWF may also be used for programs, commonly browser games, using Action Script.

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If you want to use a SWF video with a non-compatible web application on Mac, you must convert the SWF to a different format such as Flash Video (FLV) first. To convert SWF to FLV on Mac OS, you will need to use a third party video conversion program.
convert SWF to FLV on Mac

Are There Any Freeware to Convert SWF to FLV on Mac?
After searching on Google for a long time, we haven't found any freeware that supports converting SWF to FLV on Mac yet. Most of the recommended online video conversion services don't support converting SWF files, such as,, and So, here we recommend the Mac SWF to FLV converter below for you. It stands out for converting SWF to FLV among so many similar tools in the market.

Convert SWF to FLV on Mac with Higosoft Mac SWF to FLV Converter

Higosoft SWF Converter for Mac offers users a quick and easy way to convert SWF to FLV and many other popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, etc. In a few mouse-clicks, SWF file will be converted to FLV with high quality.

Note: The tutorial below is especially for Mac users. If you are a Windows user, you could refer to How to convert SWF to FLV, which would meet your need better.

First, free download this Mac SWF to FLV Converter: You can get a free trial version of it on this page. After you have downloaded it on you Mac, click to install and launch it.

Second, choose the SWF files you want to convert to FLV
In this Mac SWF to FLV converter, there are two options for you: one is to convert SWF files from your own computer; the other is to convert SWF files from the Internet by inputting a URL. Click "Select File" or "Grab SWF" to import SWF for converting to FLV on your Mac.
import SWF – convert SWF to FLV on Mac

Third, edit the imported or downloaded SWF files if necessary: You can crop a SWF video by clicking "Crop". It enables you to crop the unwanted playing area of the SWF file. Also, you can add watermark to the output FLV to personalize it.
crop SWF – convert SWF to FLV on Mac

At last, set the output profile as FLV and click Next to start the conversion
In the drop-down menu of Profile, choose Common Video, then FLV File (*.flv). After that, click Next to start to convert SWF to FLV on Mac

More Benefits of Converting SWF to FLV on Mac
- Convert SWF to FLV for sharing SWF files on video sharing sites, like YouTube, Myspace, Facebok, Viemo, etc
- Extract elements(image, sound, audio, etc) from any well-designed SWF, and use them for other purposes
- Play SWF files through video players on Mac such as VLC by converting SWF to FLV

In all, converting SWF to FLV on Mac with Higosoft SWF to FLV Converter for Mac is easy. Free download it and finish all the conversion and editing tasks.